Services We Provide

3SM is currently centered on three programs, each offering its individual benefits to the area served while utilizing overlapping resources. These three synergistic programs combined create a strategy that establishes R3SM as an important community partner that delivers varied yet vital services.

Disaster Services

As the founding R3SM program, the Disaster Services program coordinates restoration, rebuilding and recovery services to low-income families and individuals living in Mississippi’s Pine Belt region. The efforts include assisting eligible residents affected by natural disaster by delivering high-quality case management while focusing on the processes of assessment, planning, advocacy, linking and monitoring.

Affordable Housing

Through new construction and housing preservation methods within Mississippi’s Pine Belt Region, the Affordable Housing Program was created to decrease the gap in safe and appropriate housing for low income families and individuals, including the elderly and working poor.

Workforce Development & Training

R3SM’s Workforce Development & Training Program, aka Onward & Upward offers a curriculum to build knowledge and skills in the areas of building, design, life skills and community services for low-income individuals, creating a prepared, productive and sustainable workforce that will contribute to the improvement of the Pine Belt’s economic and community health, as well as provide a critical resource to support the needs of R3SM’s long term disaster and economic crisis recovery efforts.


301 Club Information

The 301 Club is a fundraising program to help provide ongoing support for pre / post disaster assistance within the community and provide operating expenses for R3SM’s sustainable service in the Greater Pine Belt Area. We are asking for a commitment of $301/year to support R3SM’s ongoing efforts to Recover, Rebuild, and Restore our service area in south Mississippi. Payments can also be made monthly at $25/month.

Volunteer House

Thank you for volunteering with R3SM!  We are delighted that you chose to share your skills and experience as a volunteer group in helping with the Hattiesburg disaster recovery efforts.  The Lucas-Varnado Volunteer House owns and operates the renovated historic “Robinson Inn.”  This 10,000 square foot, 100 year old building is conveniently located downtown Hattiesburg, directly across from the Hattiesburg Train Depot.

R3SM Volunteer House Photos:


We are currently able to comfortably house up to 60 volunteers in dorm-style bedrooms. We have male and female bathrooms containing privately stalled showers and toilets. In addition, there is a large kitchen with three residential refrigerators, two residential stoves, one large commercial triple sink, one regular kitchen sink, a large center food prep island, and an abundance of cookware/utensils. We also have a large dining room, which can comfortably seat 30.