Services We Provide

R3SM is currently centered on three programs, each offering its individual benefits to the area served while utilizing overlapping resources. These three synergistic programs combined create a strategy that establishes R3SM as an important community partner that delivers varied yet vital services.

Disaster Services: As the founding R3SM program, the Disaster Services program coordinates restoration, rebuilding and recovery services to low-income families and individuals living in Mississippi’s Pine Belt region. The efforts include assisting eligible residents affected by natural disaster by delivering high-quality case management while focusing on the processes of assessment, planning, advocacy, linking and monitoring.

Affordable Housing: Through new construction and housing preservation methods within Mississippi’s Pine Belt Region, the Affordable Housing Program was created to decrease the gap in safe and appropriate housing for low income families and individuals, including the elderly and working poor.

Workforce Development & Training: R3SM’s Workforce Development & Training Program, aka Onward & Upward offers a curriculum to build knowledge and skills in the areas of building, design, life skills and community services for low-income individuals, creating a prepared, productive and sustainable workforce that will contribute to the improvement of the Pine Belt’s economic and community health, as well as provide a critical resource to support the needs of R3SM’s long term disaster and economic crisis recovery efforts.